Knife and Scissor Sharpening Service - In Store Only



When: Drop off by 5pm last Tuesday of any month*, pick up from 9am Thursday Where: Gemütlich, Shop 1, 126 Brisbane St (cnr Ellenborough St), Ipswich Please wrap your items safely, for example in a tea towel secured with a rubber band. Your tea towel will be returned to you when you pick up your job. Flat Rate of: $12 for any length straight edge knife $14 for any length serrated knife $10-$18 for any length scissors $13 for ceramic knives. For profile adjustment and repairing chips and broken tips: depends on the amount of damage. There would be a different charge for non-standard items, eg axes, spades. You don’t have to drop them off on the Tuesday, you can drop them in the days prior. We don’t do hair clipping blades. If you’re making a special trip in please check if the service is operating as usual. *We may not do the service in December and January so please check first: 3812 2836.

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