Mitt, oven, Safe & Snug, pair



Cook in confidence whilst using the Savannah Safe & Snug Oven Mitts! In the kitchen you want to be able to make things happen without having to worry about time-consuming little accidents like burning yourself, dropping or spilling things. Getting on with the job of creating something delicious can be much simpler if youre using the right equipment. Savannahs stylish red Safe & Snug Oven Mitts will help you to look after your health and safety. They protect your hands from scalding hot pots, whilst providing a stable and secure grip on objects that you need to pick up, hold, or transport. These snug fit oven mitts are constructed from high quality padded cotton to for comfort and security. The mitts are enhanced by silicone pads that are heat resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius. The embossed silicone pads are non-slip and help you to achieve and maintain a superior grip on kitchen items during handling, such as hot pots, oven trays and more. The silicone pads could also be used as a heat resistant mat or coaster to protect surfaces from heat. Product comes with a 5 year guarantee. Follow care and use instructions on the label.

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